The Enhanced Use Program

The Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) EMR team has developed the Enhanced Use Program in response to physicians' frustrations with navigating their EMRs. The Enhanced Use Program begins with a self-assessment and Practice Advisor interview about your EMR use, and leads to the development of a robust Action Plan to help you optimize your EMR use and save you time.

See our overview of the Enhanced Use Program here.

As the first step into the Enhanced Use Program, we have collaborated with OntarioMD to develop the EMR Progress Assessment (EPA). The EPA is an online self-assessment that assists physicians in identifying their current and desired levels of EMR use. EPA respondents are asked to identify their current level of EMR maturity as it pertains to 10 key measures, spanning three functional areas of the EMR:

  • Practice management
  • Information management
  • Diagnosis and treatment support

Completion of the EPA helps our Practice Advisors to create your Enhanced Use Action Plan, making your EMR goals into actionable strategies that we can help facilitate. These Action Plans:

  • Are tailored to your needs
  • Will assist you in achieving your goals
  • Provide you access to resources, tools and supports

Read about specific improvements physicians have made as a result of their Enhanced Use experience.

The Enhanced Use program will be available across the province beginning January 2021. For more information, please contact your Practice Advisor by clicking here or email:

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