Frequently Asked Questions


What is the EPA? 

The EMR Progress Assessment (EPA) is an online self-assessment designed to help you understand your current level of EMR use and identify areas for enhancement based on your personal and practice needs and interests. This assessment is used to develop your Enhanced Use Action Plan to encourage meaningful enhancements which your Practice Advisor will support you through.

The EPA includes six levels of EMR Maturity across three key functional areas within a practice. It uses 10 key measurements to evaluate a physician’s level of EMR use. 

The EPA asks questions spanning the functional areas of EMR use: 


  1. Practice Management 
  • Appointment Scheduling 
  • Communication and Messaging 
  • Practice Billing 
  1. Information Management 
  • Encounter Documentation 
  • Data Quality and Nomenclature Consistency 
  • Document Management 
  1. Diagnosis and Treatment Support 
  • Results Management 
  • Referral and Consultation Tracking (Incoming and Outgoing) 
  • Prevention and Screening 
  • Complex Care and Chronic Disease Management 


Why should I complete an EPA as part of my Enhanced Use Program? 

The EPA can help assess your current and desired levels of EMR use and assist in identifying quality improvement activities to optimize practice management and clinical efficiency.


What is the next step after completing the EPA? 

In collaboration with a PA, an action plan will be developed to assist the physician in achieving the areas of optimization identified, while providing continued support and resources. 


What is my time commitment after completing the EPA? 

The time commitment will vary depending on the action plan and the physicians desire to execute the plan.  The action plan will reflect your priorities. 


Will I be able to track my results? 

All EPAs, once completed, will be available to review at any time 


What is the cost to participate in the Enhanced Use Program?  

There is no cost to participate.


Will the results from the EMR Progress Assessment affect the funding that physicians receive under the SK EMR Program? 

No, the results from the assessment do not affect your funding. 


Why do I see Ontario MD when I register online? 

The Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) has collaborated with OntarioMD to acquire a regional version of OntarioMD’s EMR Progress Assessment (EPA) tool to support the SMA EMR Program.


How do I provide comments or obtain additional information on the Enhanced Use Program? 

The EMR Program encourages your feedback. You may send comments, questions or suggestions to


Can all the physicians in my clinic do the EPA self-assessment as a group?  

No, the EPA is built for individual self-assessment and will give results that are specific to your practice.


How will my personal data be used? 

Your data will only be shared with the EMR team for the purpose of creating your Action Plan.


If I move clinics can I do the assessment again in my new clinic? 

Yes, you can complete an EPA as many times as you wish.


Is the incentive available to all physicians?

You must qualify for EMR Program funding to participate in the program and receive the incentive. Click here for additional information on EMR Program Funding.


What is the criteria to receive the incentive?

Phase One:

  • Physician completes online EMR Progress Assessment (EPA) and interview with Practice Advisor (PA)
  • Physician attends the Action Plan delivery meeting.
  • Completion of Phase 1 activities qualifies for $500.

Phase Two

  • Physician executes the Action Plan as presented by the PA
  • Physician participates in post-Action Plan interview with PA
  • Physician completes follow-up EPA
  • Physician completes post EPA survey
  • Completion of Phase 2 activities qualifies for $2,500.


What if I cannot find time to complete the Action Plan?

You must complete your action plan goals in order to receive the incentive. Your Practice Advisor will work with you, on a schedule that works for you.


Do I receive the incentive if I complete more than one EMR Progress Assessment (EPA) and Action Plan?

The incentive applies only to the first Enhanced Use Program cycle. This is an on-going process and physicians will continue to have access to the online tool and may choose to conduct further Enhanced Use cycles to ensure the progress made is sustained.


Is the incentive taxable?

Physicians are expected to treat this funding the same way as they have treated the EMR funding from an accounting perspective.


Is this incentive replacing current EMR funding?

This incentive is separate from the EMR Program funding.


Will this impact my existing EMR funding?

This incentive will not impact your EMR Program funding.