Is your clinic reaching its full potential ?

A high functioning EMR is a very powerful tool that takes time and effort to become fully operational.

The SMA EMR Program, in collaboration with OntarioMD, has developed an EMR Progress Assessment (EPA). The EPA is a self-assessment tool for physicians to assess their current EMR use and make improvements. It asks critical questions spanning three key functional areas of EMR use:

  • Practice management
  • Information management
  • Diagnosis and treatment support

Completed EPAs can help uncover gaps in practice workflows and efficiencies. In collaboration with your Practice Advisor (PA), an action plan will be developed to assist you in achieving your goals. This action plan - enriched with quality improvement methodology - will reflect your priorities. Physicians and clinic staff will have access to the information, tools and support required to enhance their use of the EMR.

The EPA program is currently completing a limited launch phase, and EMR Progress Assessments will be available across the province beginning in December 2020.