Practice Advisor One on One

The SMA EMR Program has Practice Advisors (PAs) located in Regina and Saskatoon to serve the southern and northern parts of the province. The PA role is to provide support and share knowledge with physicians and their clinics. PAs coordinate the implementation and training of eHealth’s integrated services and champion clinical quality improvement by conducting EMR progress assessments.

Following an initial focus on EMR adoption, the SMA EMR Program has evolved over time and we are now redirecting our focus to enhancing the use of the EMR. 

PAs assist physicians and their staff in moving towards improved workflows and processes while aligning with the clinic’s specific needs. We offer one-on-one training sessions where we can discuss the challenges you have with your EMR workflows and provide you with training and support to help you realize your EMR’s full potential.

We are here to help! Schedule your one on one learning session with your PA and let’s take a look.