Receiving patient alerts and sharing information with other providers

EMR Interoperability is a new initiative that focuses on enabling the flow of clinical information from point-of-care systems to the eHR Viewer. More importantly, EMR Interoperability allows for physician notification when key clinical information is available for a patient within that physician’s care. 

The intended outcome of the EMR Interoperability initiative is to improve providers’ access to timely clinical information to support clinical decision making. 

  • Providers will be able to sign up to receive notifications within their EMR or their eHR Viewer account
  • Providers will be able to share EMR visit data to the eHR Viewer, and
  • Providers will be able to view EMR visit data in the eHR Viewer

The SK EMR Program’s Practice Advisor’s support the EMR Interoperability initiative by educating and encouraging physicians to opt in to receive integrated eHR viewer notifications. Training and ongoing support will be provided to physicians to ensure a successful clinical workflow that includes integrated eHR viewer notifications. 

Notifications you may choose to receive include updates regarding patient deaths, and alerts of hospital admissions/discharges. You are also encouraged to contribute and share your patient visit information with the eHR viewer to support continuity of care and information flow. This allows for a more comprehensive patient record. 

**Please note: eHR viewer notifications are only available to Accuro users at this time. Med Access users can expect to see the integrated eHR viewer notifications available in late 2023.**

If you are interested in participating please click here: