Self-edit Voice Dictation Software

Fluency Direct is a speech recognition and voice command dictation software that can be utilized in various applications such as an EMR, Microsoft Word, Excel and email. This cloud-based voice profile software allows medical professionals to verbally create and edit directly into their EMR for faster and better documentation.

For a basic demo on how dictation works with Fluency Direct, please click here

SMA – EMR Program initiative: 

3sHealth previously implemented Fluency Direct software in acute care settings. The SMA recognized the multiple benefits this software could provide to fee-for-service physicians. A partnership was then forged between the SMA SK EMR Program and 3SHealth to have physicians gain access to M*Modal™ Fluency Direct software - not only in acute care, but in community-based fee-for-service clinics as well. Consideration was also taken for those providers who maintain positions in both settings to allow ease of access to their accounts with profile information built in at both locations. This software will enable our physicians to dictate and self-edit patient care information directly in their EMR. Our program is offering financial assistance in the adoption of the Fluency Direct software.

Pricing model:

First year: The SMA EMR Program is covering the cost of the first year licence, software, microphone, maintenance fees and applicable taxes. The EMR Program is also providing the software installation, training and ongoing support. 

Consecutive years: Each physician will be responsible to pay $425.00 to the vendor which includes their annual licence, maintenance and CIA fees, M*Modal support fee and applicable taxes.

*Note: Annual fees are subject to pricing increases as laid out in the contract with the vendor.

Annual fees for Fluency Direct Software

As you know, your annual maintenance fees were covered by the SMA for your first year of use of Fluency Direct. In order to ensure you have access to updated software versions and vendor technical support, 3sHealth will invoice you each year for the annual maintenance fee of $425.00.  

You will soon receive two invoices:

  • Year Two:  your first 3sHealth Invoice will be a pro-rated amount. This amount is for the second year of use up to March 2021.
  • Year Three+:  future 3sHealth Invoices will reflect your annual maintenance fee, covering April – March of each year. This amount is $425.00.

Explanation of invoices (example scenario):

  • If you began using Fluency Direct in October, 2019:
    • Year One Maintenance fees covered for Nov ’19 - Oct ‘20
    • Year Two Pro-rated invoice will reflect Nov ’20 – Mar ’21 ($425/12 months X 5 months = $177)
    • Year Three and subsequent years: invoice will reflect annual maintenance fee of $425 for each fiscal year Apr – Mar.

For renewal payment, please make a check payable to 3sHealth, and send to:

      3sHealth Accounts Receivable
      700-2002 Victoria Avenue
      Regina, Sask  S4P 0R7

Should you have questions, please contact:

      Julie Johnson, Director
      3sHealth Provincial Dictation & Transcription Services

How this will benefit your clinic

  • Reduces or eliminates transcription cost
  • Optimizes physician experience and productivity in the EMR
  • Reduces patient documentation time in your EMR 
  • Allows you the option to dictate text into any text field in any application
  • Allows physician to speak in a natural conversational tone while improving accuracy over time.

To get access to Fluency Direct at your clinic, please complete the form and return to

For more information on Fluency Direct, please Click here